About The Brand

Dag is a Scandinavian word derived from the Old Norse Dagr, meaning “day”. Dai is derived from the Old Celtic word Dei meaning “to shine”.

Dag Dai is a fashion brand with a Sustainable and Ethical approach with a predilection towards hand weaved fabrics from overlooked pockets of society. These are ideally the places where everything is done by hand, a reason behind the magic you witness in our product.

Our techniques dawn back to thousand of years.

Our yarn is produced indigenously and the fabric is weaved in different parts of Bengal.Techniques such as hand dyeing, hand embroidery and hand stitching for Dag Dai collection are pursued exclusively in Dag Dai studio.

About The Designer

Harshul Arora is an international designer born in India; he completed his masters in fashion and textile design from ESEDS SCHOOL OF DESIGN Kolkata,India in 2018 with a distinction. Earlier, he studied Commerce from University of Calcutta, India. He is also the founder of Dag Dai which is a new-age sustainable and ethical fashion label dealing exclusively in handcrafted apparel. He is also the founder of the Dag Dai consultancy firm which lends expertise to establishing and emerging brands,supporting designers, 360 degree viewpoint.


He has successfully exhibited his collection at prestigious events such as  “Pure London”, London, UK. He also did many pop up events at Zinj, Bahrain; Kyiv Ukraine; Pretoria, South Africa, Delhi & Kolkata, India.  


Being born in a business family of garments trade, Harshul always wanted to start something of his own since his childhood which also includes creating a positive impact on the society and therefore sustainability is a key factor in his field of work and lifestyle.